Talent Finder B&W Salamander V2

Assess all candidates against the relevant retailer job role.


Get instant feedback on their fit along with suggested interview questions

Talent Finder online assessments  have been developed by experts and reviewed by the British Psychological Society.


Easy to read reports provide graphical and narrative feedback on candidates’ fit with a range of retailer job roles. Suggested interview questions are embedded into reports to help experienced or inexperienced recruiters dig deeper.

Included in all Standard packages, Job Fit assessments help to predict future workplace behaviours and the ability to quickly and accurately solve problems and learn new skills.


Job Fit assessments are recommended for assisting for longlisting  and shortlisting

Included in all Standard and Premium packages, Company  Fit assessments help to predict if candidates are likely to engage in counterproductive work behaviours and their current levels of engagement with their current or most recent job and employer.


Company Fit assessments are recommended for shortlisting

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Job Fit


Cognitive Ability Test

Measures an individual's speed of problem solving and learning styles.

Personality Assessment

Measures personality traits & behavioural characteristics.



Attitude Assessment

Measures counter productive behavious during the screening process.

Engagement Survey

Measures the engagement between an individual and their job and their employer.


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